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European Commission releases second review of REACH

On the 5th March, the European Commission released the second review, which highlights that thanks to the regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) EU companies and authorities are ensuring the safe use of chemicals and the phase-out of dangerous substances. Within the last 10 years, the REACH regulation has been effectively protecting human health and the environment, and the European Commission will further improve its implementation.

The Commission summarises REACH’s success by having delivered:

  • Safer products for consumers, workers and the environment by banning harmful chemicals and providing safer alternatives
  • Non-animal testing procedures
  • A comprehensive data set for chemical safety on the EU Single Market

A number of actions have been proposed by the Commission, to improve the implementation of the legislation and continue to better protect consumers, workers and the environment:

  • to simplify the overall authorisation process
  • to ensure a level playing field between the EU and non-EU companies.
  • further support SMEs in their compliance and enhance enforcement by national authorities.
  • to improve the coherence of REACH with worker protection and waste legislation.

In June 2018, the Commission will discuss the outcomes and follow-up actions with the European Parliament, Member States and stakeholders at a public conference.

In future, the Commission expects ECHA to become a European and global reference centre for the sustainable management of chemicals, capable of implementing other pieces of EU legislation. The report also highlights the need for long-term financial stability after the registration fee income reduces.

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