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Emma Miller, Senior Chemist, answers questions about Substance Identity Profile (SIP) in latest Speciality Chemicals Magazine

Featured in Speciality Chemicals latest ‘Ask the Expert’ article, Emma discusses ‘How to use SIP and prove sameness for joint registrations.’

She explains that if you are a potential joint registrant under REACH, it is important to determine which joint submission most accurately reflects your substance, and this is done by assessing sameness. If the substance is well defined (e.g. mono- or multi-constituent), sameness is established by proving substance identity and composition. The results can be compared with boundary composition developed by the lead registrant, and often presented in the substance identity profile (SIP).

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If you need further assistance with proving sameness , or if you find you are unable to meet the sameness criteria specified in the SIP, contact us on +44 (0)1524 510278 or email