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Dossier and Substance Evaluation under EU REACH

Dossier Evaluation under EU REACH focuses on the quality of the Registration dossiers and testing proposals whereas Substance Evaluation aims to clarify if a given substance constitutes a risk to human health or the environment.

ECHA recently announced increasing their target for Dossier Evaluations to a minimum of 20% of Registration Dossiers in each tonnage band in an effort to address the lack of compliance and encourage industry to improve their safety data on chemicals.

Substance Evaluation can be a costly and involved process occasionally leading to further regulatory action such as Restriction or Authorisation with significant financial implications for Registrants as well as business impact in the supply chain.

If you are subject to Substance or Dossier Evaluation, please feel free to contact us, our team of technical experts would be able to support you throughout the Evaluation process.

Authors: Yanan Wang and Dr Mark Earnshaw