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Company Announcements - The REACH Centre has rebranded

The REACH Centre is excited to announce that effective 1st November 2017 they have rebranded the Company as ‘Yordas Group’ to better reflect its expanded scope of services and the company’s international growth.

Why change?

Following their 11th year in business, Yordas now has partnerships and offices around the globe. In 2017 it has supported clients in over 40 countries worldwide providing scientific and regulatory support on numerous pieces of international legislations.

The new name and branding reflects this internationally recognised position.

Inspired by a famous cave nearby in the North of England, the name highlights Yordas’ roots, the love for the area and its unique beauty, but is unconventional and special at the same time - just like Yordas. The new logo icon represents a molecular structure and thus the team’s underpinning scientific expertise, but also represents a tick box for your ensured regulatory compliance. The new branding and colours are friendly, but professional.

Jonathan Lutywche, Chief Executive says: “I’m very excited about this change. We have loved the past 10 years as The REACH Centre, the work we have done together with our clients, the learning, successfully mastering the challenges of new chemicals legislations and especially to build the company that we are now. Thanks to all our clients, suppliers and partners that have supported us on this journey. But now we feel we have grown up - and we have outgrown our previous name. I want to highlight that we have changed our name to Yordas Group but our clients can still rely on us to provide them with the highest standards of regulatory and scientific expertise.”

Contact us for further information on the services Yordas Group provides and to discuss your requirements.