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AISE Call for an extension to Poison Centre Deadline

The International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products, A.I.S.E has written to the European Commission and Member States to call for an extension on the applicability dates for reporting to Poison Centres. The request comes following the increasing number of uncertainties and delays currently being observed. The A.I.S.E believes the extension will enable a much more [pertinent and reliable implementation of the legal requirements to report information to Poison Centres.

The AISE are fully supportive of the principle of harmonisation; however highlight their concerns around the approaching deadline and the lack of uncertainty around the following topics:

  • EU appointed bodies preparedness
  • Duty holders responsibilities
  • Upcoming amendment to Annex VIII
  • ECHA Guidance
  • Workability Study
  • IT tools

Download AISE’s letter

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