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2018 Global Colour Conference

​Dr Neil Hunt, Senior Regulatory Scientist at Yordas Group, will be speaking on ‘Current and Future Direction of Regulations Applicable to the Use of Nanomaterials in the EU and UK with a Focus on Nano-TiO2’ during the 2018 Global Colour Conference in Arlington, VA.

The 3 day event will host experts to discuss issues relating to ‘The Future of Food Colour’ and will feature insights in key areas driving the future of the industry including media, supply chain, regulations, research and product innovation.

Neil, who has been with Yordas Group for over 8 years and provides the technical proficiency for a number of EU funded projects investigating the exposure and risk arising from the use of engineered nanomaterials, will be speaking at 2.30pm on Tuesday 6th November. A full schedule can be viewed here.