Yordas offers comprehensive services to the mining, oil and gas industries at all project stages, from the exploration and concept development phase to decommissioning. As a leading global provider of scientific, environmental and regulatory consulting services, we support our clients in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance, managing business risks and developing projects in a sustainable manner. As a strategic partner, Yordas is focused on adding value throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Our team of experts understands your specific regulatory requirements and we recognise that safety, efficiency and reliability are your top priorities. We are experienced in the mining, oil and gas sectors and offer a range of services to help assess and mitigate environmental and social impacts, engage with stakeholders, and meet regulatory compliance.

Our Services

Through our network of global partners, we can support projects and provide in-country resources in most areas around the globe. Our key services relevant to the mining and oil & gas sectors include:

  • Environmental Management Services: Yordas provides a wide range of environmental management services to support clients in the resource extraction industry to comply with environmental regulations. The diverse skill set from our multidisciplinary team can add value to your mining project by incorporating best practices and innovative environmental solutions.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: An effective stakeholder engagement programme is critical for the successful development of a mining project. Early and proactive engagement can help earn the support of the community in which it operates. With the use of innovative tools, we can efficiently develop a stakeholder engagement programme that will help improve the social acceptance of the project.
  • Sustainability and Product Stewardship: Yordas offers sustainability management services to support clients with the integration of sustainability practices into their operations. We also offer substitution strategies of chemicals used in the process to promote sustainable solutions. Our sustainability and product stewardship services can help improve performance and reduce project risk.
  • Chemical Regulatory Services: Our regulatory experts can provide global support for chemical regulations applicable to your project. Our team also includes scientific experts, (eco)toxicologists, risk assessment specialists and chemicals management consultants, while our network of trusted partners ensures we can provide regulatory interpretation and direct communication with regulatory authorities globally.
  • Toxicology and Risk Assessment: Our team of experts in toxicology and ecotoxicology can provide risk assessment services that are tailored to meet your needs. Through a thorough scientific assessment, we can help with the identification of risk management measures that are proportional to the level of risk a hazardous substance or activity presents.
  • Environmental Modelling: With the use of our extensive experience in fluid flow and geophysical modelling, Yordas can provide bespoke modelling solutions to assess the environmental implications of your project. We can help assess complex environmental systems while maximising the use of existing data.

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