The oil & gas industry uses chemicals in the exploration, extraction and production of hydrocarbons. Similarly, in the mining industry, several types of chemicals are used for exploration, mining activities and mineral processing. As a leading global provider of regulatory and scientific services, we can help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, manage business risks and develop your projects in a more sustainable manner.

Our Services

Our integrated regulatory and scientific services can be applied to every stage of your project, whether you are currently in the exploration, extraction, processing or decommissioning phases of a project. Our team of experts understands your specific regulatory requirements and we recognise that safety, efficiency and reliability are your top priorities. We are experienced in the mining and oil & gas sectors and have supported several clients meeting their regulatory compliance requirements and managing safety related to the use of chemicals. Our key services relevant to the mining and oil & gas sectors include:

  • Global Regulatory Services: Our regulatory experts can provide global support for chemical regulations applicable to your mining and oil & gas project. We offer concise, comprehensive and up-to-date information about the notification and permit requirements, support the preparation of notification/permit applications, and can assist your company in maintaining your regulatory compliance. As several regulatory requirements may apply to the same chemical, we can help you manage your obligations by providing guidance on all applicable legislation and by identifying potential effects for your substance.

  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment: Our team of experts in toxicology and ecotoxicology can prepare human and ecological health risk assessments that are tailored to meet your needs. We can assess human health and environmental risk through the identification of hazards associated with chemical substances, the calculation of exposure to those chemicals and the establishment of the relationship between exposure, dose and adverse effects. Through this thorough scientific assessment, we can help with the identification of risk management measures that are proportional to the level of risk a hazardous substance or activity presents.

  • Toxicology and Hazard Assessment: Our team of human and environmental toxicologists can provide leading-edge expertise to critically evaluate toxicological profiles for chemicals and mixtures used in your project and conduct toxicological reviews. We also design and mange customised testing strategies, including building weight of evidence cases to meet your ecotoxicological regulatory requirements. This approach will help in reduce time, costs and animal testing, whilst maintaining the highest degree of scientific thoroughness.

  • Exposure Scenarios and Modelling: With the use of our extensive experience in occupational and environmental modelling, we provide comprehensive exposure estimations for both workers and the environment in both on-shore and off-shore scenarios. These assessments are a key parameter for high quality risk assessments.

  • Risk Communication and Public Consultation: An effective engagement programme is critical for the successful development of a project. We can provide support to present complex scientific information to a variety of audiences, such as regulatory agencies, community organisations and the general public. We can communicate the risk information related to your project to the relevant stakeholders to allow for effective public engagement while managing concerns from the public. We also provide support with public consultation strategies, community meeting planning and facilitation, issue documentation and risk and crisis communication.

  • Product Sustainability and Green Chemistry: We offer substitution strategies, which incorporate the concept of Green Chemistry, and allow us to promote sustainable substitutions. If your products contain substances with an unacceptable hazard profile or if their components become subject to restrictions, your business may decide to replace them with more benign alternatives. Our experienced development chemists and Green Chemistry experts can support you in creating a comprehensive substitution strategy, giving due consideration to the implications for your manufacturing processes and product applications.

  • Expert Technical Services: Our experts in chemistry, (eco)toxicology and risk assessment can provide scientific justification to support litigation or testify in court, as required.

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