Safety of consumer products is absolutely essential, and this is reflected in a proliferation of global regulations aiming to control and minimise their potential human health and environmental risks.

The consequences of non-compliance can be severe, and include product recall, drop in company share prices and a potential negative effect on consumer confidence and brand acceptance.

Consumers themselves increasingly demand greener, safer products along with a high degree of corporate transparency to prove how this is being achieved. As a result, a drive towards more sustainable products is not only good practice, but also has real potential to provide companies with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


The wide variety of products in a typical retailer’s portfolio means that they are impacted by many different chemical regulations, including for example toys, cosmetics, textiles, cleaning products and electronics. However the requirements are often not aligned globally. Therefore, from both a sustainability and a compliance perspective, it is highly advantageous for companies serving a global market to adopt a holistic approach to product stewardship. This means not only ensuring ad-hoc compliance locally, but looking forward to possible future regulatory action, adopting the strictest local standard for a global chemicals policy, and even going beyond regulation.

Product Stewardship

A robust product stewardship programme not only involves meeting compliance, but also driving sustainability by minimising potential product hazard and risk associated with your product portfolio. Product substitution is a vital part of the drive for sustainability.

Supply Chain Communication

Supply chain communication on compliance information is one of the main challenges to overcome in the successful implementation of a product stewardship programme. Declarations of compliance will need to be verified, for example through audits or chemical investigation.

How we can help

Yordas can support your chemicals management and product stewardship activities all the way through your supply chain and help you maximise your brand’s long-term sustainability. Our expertise in Green Chemistry provides a unique asset in your sustainability drive, supporting product substitution strategies with sound science.

We can maintain regular on-demand support, effectively acting as an extension to your own compliance team, or deliver discrete projects; our aim is to provide a service that matches your requirements.

  • Impact assessments
  • Exemption statements
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Restricted substances lists
  • Chemical policy
  • Product substitution strategies and Green Chemistry
  • Regulatory Compliance software

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