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Leading High Street Retailer

Compliance in retail made easier with Yordas Hive

Our customer is a leading UK high street retailer, who has over 1000 stores and thousands of product lines, many containing complex mixtures of chemicals. Products include stationery and art materials, such as pens, highlighters, crayons and paints. The challenge for the retailer is to ensure they meet today’s compliance needs with maximum efficiency.

Working with Yordas Group, our customer has taken advantage of the many offerings within Hive Prime Edition to manage the complex process of regulating the chemicals in their products.

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Consumer Goods & Retail


United Kingdom


Keeping up with changing regulation efficiently and continuously


  • Yordas Hive Prime Edition manages the complicated process of regulating the chemicals that are found in complex products
  • Hive enables our customers to see a full list of substances within their products, in a structured and live solution
  • Reduced the time and effort required in staying up-to-date with regulations


“Yordas Hive is part of our daily life and we use the solution to support us in our supply chain communication. This should be a key part of the process for all retailers to give customers the confidence in us and our products. Automating the task of checking regulatory status has allowed us to save time, and have the peace of mind that important regulatory changes can be dealt with immediately”

R&D Manager, Yordas Hive User

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