Yordas Group is committed to making a positive environmental contribution and supporting our clients in addressing sustainable development challenges. We recognise that our success and the success of our clients is increasingly dependent on the integration of sustainability principles in our activities.

Our Principles

We are dedicated to delivering and expanding our products and services through the following principles:

Effective leadership

We demonstrate active, visible and effective leadership aimed at inspiring our peers and the next generation to apply sustainability principles in their everyday activities. We engage with our employees and build collaborative business relationships to embed best practices into our business decisions.

Innovative and sustainable solutions

We are committed to working closely with our clients in all industry sectors to introduce innovative business solutions that meet sustainability objectives and are grounded with sound technical knowledge and scientific evidence. Yordas also aspires to work with clients, partners and suppliers who are committed to continuous improvement of their environmental and sustainability performance.

Risks and opportunities management

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and maximising social benefits. We manage our risks and opportunities by setting organisational objectives, monitoring our progress and taking actions to improve our performance.

Continuous improvement

We are working to create a culture of environmental and social responsibility where we continuously improve our business practices. We are committed to improving our environmental performance and to avoid or reduce negative impacts from our activities. We strive for excellence and innovation and we encourage communication of progress with our stakeholders.

Download our Environmental and Sustainability Policy (ISO 14001)